My journey as a programmer

Well, my name is Nsereko Joshua. Currently, i am a student offering a bachelors course in software engineering at Bugema University and am living in Uganda, the pearl of Africa. I am so much into opensource and am a developer in @OpenMRS
The fact is that before i became a programmer, i considered sitting before a computer every day, as being fun, but that couldn't fit my interests. I dreamed seeing my self wearing surgical gametes, very ready for taking on a surgery in the theater. This was my dream long as i can remember, and i believe my brains could manage supporting me till attaining this.

What went wrong? Or should i say, what went right?

I think the right question to ask is what went right? because becoming a programmer has proven more of an advantage than becoming a doctor, i know programmers bare me witness.

After finishing High-School from Masaka S.S.S, i got a chance of meeting a great developer called Kayiwa Daniel who gave me some programming books, via email, before i joined university in 2019. This gave me prior knowledge about programming, Java in specific.
Despite of the fact that i hard hustled with Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics in A-level, i took my past before me and i accepted my destiny of living as a programmer for the rest of my life.

I send a token of appreciation to, first and foremost God, Kayiwa Daniel, Samuel Male and all guys in OpenMRS.



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